12 O’Clock is the labour of love that came to fruition over the course of 10 years of plotting and planning . Its story is set in a small town in the mountains where four guys come to stay at ones’ uncle on a short summer break. They soon happen to stumble upon a secret lost in time and travel to a place unlike their modern day world. The graphic novel is published by PAVCON, available for purchase HERE. The album received the prize for Best Graphic Novel in 2017 awarded by Asociatia Bedefililor din Romania.

This anthology includes short comics from 39 romanian authors. I participated with a personal story that depicts what happened to me and my family during the anti-communist revolution.

They Called Her Moses – short biographical comic about Harriet Tubman. 2020

This short comic tells the story about Heinrich Himmler, a nazi officer who ordered the construction of the concentration camps at Auschwitz. The allegorical adaptation is meant to educate the public and show the catastrophic outcomes of the Holocaust.

Fires of a New World is a story about hope and loss and it’s set in Russia. Together with writer Alexandru Lamba, we addapted the aforementioned story into an 18 page comic that got published in 2018. I appeared as an episodic issue in the hungarian magazine Galaktika in 2019.

Personal comics anthology published for a limited run by Geek Network in 2018

Comics anthology published in 2016 by EAT COMICS. My contribution was a fantasy short story which I wrote and illustrated titled Bone for Bone

I worked as a colorist on some issues for the comic series Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess developed by Action Lab Entertainment.

Short comic dedicated to my lovely pet chickens that I used to own and got attached to. The title ‘Gainarii‘ almost translates as Shenanigans.

Combustion tackles the subject of depression and anxiety that ocures amongst teens.

Phantom Limbs , short comic published in Revista COMICS

Breath is a 4 page short comic depicting an impossible love between two characters in a medieval fantasy setting. This marks my debut in the online magazine Revista Comics.